Spring Summer Beauty Trends To Try Now

As the summer heats up let’s take a look at 8 sensational hair and makeup trends to try this season. 

By Raine Tauber

Summer means beating the heat with smart styling and effortless attitude. Let’s have a look at the best hair and makeup trends to keep you cool for the summer.

Here are the Makeup Trends...

1. Very Peri

This is the colour of the year for 2022 so it’s no surprise we are seeing the gorgeous lavender tone popping up on catwalks and red carpets alike. 

How to wear it: focus on the eye, wear it as a wash over the entire lid or swipe along the lash line for a punchy liner 

Photo: Courtesy of @maccosmetics_mex

Photo: Courtesy of @sushe_official

2. Pink Power

This is such a versatile trend because it’s all shades, tints and tones of pink and you can focus on any feature.

How to wear: for a more subtle approach use pink for a flushed summery cheek or lip but if you really want to up the ante, take inspiration from the Valentino show and wash the brightest pink you can find all over the eye!

Photo: Courtesy of @cgonzalezbeauty

Photo: Courtesy of @maisonvalentino

3. Super Glass

As the required for masks lessen, the opportunities to wear lipglosses have increased. I couldn’t be happier but this is also a trend we have seen on many runways this season. From opaque full colour glosses to completely clear, run don’t walk to grab a gloss for the summer.

How to wear: add a slick of clear gloss to outlined lips for a 90’s take on the trend or add a matching gloss to your favorite lipstick.

Photo: Courtesy of @tamara.ash.makeup

Photo: Courtesy of @nikki_makeup

4. Bling Ring

Summer means time for festivals and parties and what better way to create a festive look than with some bling. Take it from Andie McDowell who recently walked the red carpet at Cannes in a crystallised eye, this is a trend anyone can rock.

How to wear: could be as simple as a crystal on the inner corner of the eyes or go all out and add them all over the eye area. 

Photo: Courtesy of @voguegreece

Photo: Courtesy of @ramsi.thecat

Let's have a look at what happened with hair…

1. Flipped out ends

The 90’s are back in all their glory! Lots of celebrities have been enjoying throwback looks and flipped ends are iconic 90’s. 

How to wear: use your flat iron to flip the ends of you hair up, this works best on medium/short lengths.

Photo: Courtesy of @glammonti

Photo: Courtesy of @chrisweberhair

2. Va Va Volume

Think 70’s excess and all things disco! If your hair is naturally curly then this is the perfect style for you and it works on all hair lengths too.

How to wear: brushed out and as big as possible, a tiny curling wand is your bestie unless you’re naturally blessed.

Photo: Courtesy of @glukepluckrose

Photo: Courtesy of @sarahbrownphoto

3. Textured Bob

This is the perfect easy breezy summer style, the texture makes for minimal styling and the shorter length keeps you cool for the summer.

How to wear: this is as wash an hour as it gets but depending on your hair’s natural texture you may need to add a few soft curls with your styler.

Photo: Courtesy of @formhairstudiofl

Photo: Courtesy of @thebeautyloungeco

4. The Long Shag

Possibly my favorite style for the season the long shag oozes rock n roll coolness with a bit of 70’s flair with loads of layers.

How to wear: add texture with a curling wand or styler and as much attitude as you can muster.

Photo: Courtesy of @joeltorresstyle

Photo: Courtesy of @v.yankel

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