All you need to know about Crystal & Gem infused beauty care

And the benefits of incorporating these into your beauty and skincare routine

By Jana Leonard

We are seeing a growing awareness of crystals and their benefits, and now this extends to your beauty routine. Self-care, grounded in traditional and spiritual practices, has increased in popularity in recent years. Many ancient wellness techniques have become widely adopted again. Crystals’ effects are multipurpose, with energetical benefits and we couldn't wait to investigate their resurgence a little further. 

The Ancient Egyptians used crystals and gemstones such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in their jewellery, primarily for protection and health. We now know that these crystals also hold illuminating properties and vibrational energy, which are transferred to the person in its possession. Beauty brands understand the need for spiritual self care, and have started harnessing their powers by either filtering their products through the crystals or infusing them. There are numerous ways you can start introducing crystals into your skin and beauty routine. 

We chatted to the owner of Morina skincare, Mor Rina, about how and why crystals are incorporated into her products. 

“At Morina Skincare each and every bottle of our DIY Crystal Infused Clay Masque Collection is infused with real Rose Quartz powder. This is developed by us in the formulation, so you actually apply Rose Quartz on your skin, and harness the energetical benefits of Rose Quartz.”

This way you can really experience, and benefit from, the incredible power of Crystals. Mor suggests making your facial care a special mindfulness ritual by adding some holistic elements to your skincare regimen. With Morina Skincare’s DIY Crystal Infused Clay Masque Collection, formulated with real Rose Quartz, you are benefiting from the beauty and youth stone, known to have skin firming & rejuvenating properties, all while encouraging cell regeneration and self-love. “Our masque collection is a truly magical skincare experience that leaves your skin glowing from the inside out.” adds Mor Rina. “The masques contain extremely fine Rose Quartz powder. Grinding crystals this finely is difficult, but this allows them to disperse naturally together with the rest of the ingredients, keeping them perfectly smooth on your skin.” says Mor. 

Crystals not only provide us with their healing power, but they offer you the opportunity to give yourself the love and time you deserve to improve your skin. The product cleanses and purifies your skin from any unwanted toxins and energy. “Our special formulations fight free radicals, absorb toxins, exfoliate and buff away any dead skin cells or impurities, all while drawing out dirt and minimising pores while detoxifying the skin.” she adds. 

It has been reported that facial masques containing rose quartz have been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt, and it is believed that the ancients felt rose quartz would keep their complexions clear and prevent wrinkles. In an Egyptian legend, Isis used rose quartz to maintain her divine youth and beauty.

Now, let’s look at some of the other crystals and their benefits:

Clear Quartz: Known as the healing stone, it also has the capacity to absorb, store, release and regulate energy. It is ideal for pairing with other crystals to amplify their energy. It aids in concentration and is also said to increase inspiration and creativity.  

Amethyst: Known for its calming properties, Amethyst relieves stress and strain as well as balances mood swings, rage, fear and anxiety. It has incredible healing and cleansing powers. 

Jade: Known to ease stress and anxiety, it’s also associated with good health, wealth and love!

When it comes to beauty and skincare tools using crystals, the most popular are Crystal / Jade Rollers and Gua Sha

The crystal rollers have been around for quite some time, and have one small roller (for the eye area) and one wide roller on either end. It aids in lymphatic draining when using it as part of a facial massage, which reduces puffiness and stimulates circulation in the skin.

Gua sha is traditionally a Chinese medicine practice using a ‘scraping’ technique to release toxins, as well as relieve sore or injured muscles. This has been adapted to a facial technique in modern times, to reduce tension, promote healing and to stimulate blood flow. Both these techniques and tools will give you a natural healthy glow and can be used with your favourite serums and oils. If you suffer from puffiness, we recommend keeping these tools in your fridge.  

Now that you know all about gemstone induced skincare, the gemstone’s benefits and power - be sure to enjoy your skin and self love journey! 

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