3 ways to turn your beauty routine into a self-care ritual

Your beauty routine exists to keep you looking great but it can also help you feel great. Here are four easy ways to turn your regimen into a self-care ritual 

By Helen Wallace, Beauty Content Creator

While we are generally good about taking the time to wash our hair, faces and bodies regularly, the same can probably not be said when it comes to prioritising self-care. Last year, the World Health Organization officially declared burnout a disease, and a recent survey revealed that 77% of people have experienced it in their current jobs. 

And it’s not just the workplace that can be stressful but modern life in general. This is why carving out some quiet time with yourself is so necessary. It gives you the time and space to process things and reconnect with yourself, helping you to stay centred in an often-chaotic world. One way that you can inject more self-care into your life is through your beauty routine. Here are four easy ways to start soothing your mind and body at the same time. 

1. Face mask

Masking has become mainstream, with plenty of variants on the market to treat any and all skincare concerns. And because you can’t do much when you have one on your face, it forces you to kick back and relax – even if just for a few minutes!

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2. Body massage

We all know just how relaxing a massage can be. Give yourself one regularly using a moisturising body oil, which will prevent dryness and keep your skin healthy while simultaneously encouraging circulation and lymph drainage and banishing stress.  

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3. Facial massage

Just like our bodies, our faces can also benefit from massage. You can use a jade roller, gua sha board or your (clean!) fingers paired with a facial oil. Not only is the sensation calming but regular massages can even diminish dark circles and make skin firmer and more radiant. 

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